15 DofE Hacks!

y’all bin bags will be the best things to happen to you, also use the snap map to your advantage. etc.

sorry for the long time with no videos, it’s been difficult getting back into a creative mindset especially after exams and stuff. i’ve got all summer ahead of me, so you’d think that i have time to film and edit, but i’m gonna be so loud that i can tell i won’t be awake enough to be creative

also this isn’t as much comedy-oriented but more like actual vlogger style which isn’t my usual thing and i tried to put jokes in it but y’know, i hope y’all still enjoy this

also i know dofe is a thing that only like 10% of my fanbase recognises but youtube tells me to make more videos on trending topics to “help me grow” and my previous dofe video got a lot of views purely because of the word “dofe” being used in the title and description and tags and stuff, so i was like “screw it let’s make a dofe hacks/cheats/secrets/hints/tips/tricks video”

THAT SAID it’s important to remember this video is primarily meant to provide entertainment and not information. i’m not responsible for the actions of any DofE groups on their individual expeditions.

alright cheers guys 😀

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