We done ALL THE STATIONS on the isle of wight June 2019

Right then tubers over the next few weeks its all about my favourite island. In this video we pay tribute to Geoff and Vicki 2 YouTube personalities I enjoy very much, they recently done a series called all the stations, they travelled to all the stations in the UK. There was a little controversy weather […]

The Isle of Wight, UK – 4K Drone Film

The Isle of Wight, where I was born and raised. I’ve been wanting to make this film for a long time and I’m glad I finally got round to it. Please like, subscribe and share the hell out of this so we can show off the #isleofwight to the world. I have many more shots […]

Boat trip around The Needles, Isle of Wight

Footage of a fast boat tour around The Needles in the Isle of Wight whilst on holiday

Blackgang Chine Isle of Wight (cine film – 1950s)

One from my personal “Isle of Wight Archive” Blackgang Chine Isle of Wight (cine film – 1950s) Lovely stuff. Filmed in the late 1950s when blackgang still had a chine, amazing to see how much its changed through the years

Blackgang Chine Isle of Wight 1978 Cine Reel

A absolutely fantastic cine reel of Blackgang Chine from approx 1978 from my personal collection, I poached this exquisite reel off eBay some time ago, happy to finally share with you lovely lovely people. Apologies for the watermark send me a PM if you would like a copy without it! Warm regards, Ken

Alum Bay Chairlift Isle of Wight (1979) Amateur 8mm Cine Film

Alum Bay Chairlift Isle of Wight from 1979, I found this in the attic over the weekend when I was getting the Christmas Decorations down. If you would like to use my videos, go ahead, I really don’t mind, not too worried if you forget to credit me either. Enjoy!

1950s – blackgang chine – isle of wight

Just received in the post! Christmas came early, enjoy chaps and chappettes from the 1950s. As usually feel free to reuse, I wont mind. source