We done ALL THE STATIONS on the isle of wight June 2019

Right then tubers over the next few weeks its all about my favourite island. In this video we pay tribute to Geoff and Vicki 2 YouTube personalities I enjoy very much, they recently done a series called all the stations, they travelled to all the stations in the UK. There was a little controversy weather or not they forgot the iow line. With out bringing up old news it planted a seed, the heritage line is so expensive, the iow feels like its stuck in the 50s the mainline is so cheap compared to the heritage line, its a gimmick being underground stock over land, and the stations are not modern at all, have we missed a trick

Well we take a look at it, and I kid you not I look forward to a return trundle on this mainline in the near future, its bumpy its wild its old its fun and you can take yet again a different look at island life from it

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