ABANDONED FOOTBALL STADIUM! Exploring Newport Football Club, Isle Of Wight| Night Time Exploration!

Kayleigh Coulston Explores Newport abandoned football club with The Secret Vault, JenEvie, Ashe, Bee and Dan. Thank you for watching! Please be sure to LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE to my channel to see more exploration videos. All links provided below:

HISTORY -The newport football club was founded in 1888, and in 1898 became founded members of the Isle of Wight League. The club went on to win the league championship four times before joining the Hampshire League in 1927. The club remained in the Hampshire league until 1986 when they joined the Wessex League on its formation. In 1990 the club was promoted to the Southern League, which later lead to them being promoted to the premier division in 2001. Unfortunately in December 2003 the club started to struggle financially and was then placed in administration. In 2008 ownership of the club was fully transferred to the supporter’s trust. The club was relegated back to the Wessex league at the end of the 2007–08 season. The club has since remained in the Wessex League Premier Division and this is what remains today – https://www.niowfc.com/history/

DISCLAIMER – I do not force entry into any of the sites or locations I visit. We do not commit any crimes or involve with criminal activities e.g. (Graffiti, Breaking property, Steal,etc). Myself and my team simply film and take photos for entertainment purposes.

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