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Camera work by Kayleigh Coulston and Team.

HISTORY – St Helens Fort is a sea fort in the Solent close to the Isle of Wight, one of the Palmerston Forts near Portsmouth. Construction began in 1865 and was completed in 1878, at a cost of £123,311. The fort is now in private hands and not open to the public. It was offered for sale in 2003. In World War One the forts became even stronger defences as heavy guns were installed, allowing them to target small fleets of ships trying to slip through the defences of the Isle of Wight. Using the lighthouses, No Man’s Land Fort and Horse Sand Fort became navy signalling stations. After the First World War, the forts were abandoned until the Second World War. During World War Two, the forts were inhabited again to defend the Portsmouth dockyard. The men chosen to serve on the forts, however, were chosen on their inability to swim so that they could not abandon their post and would have struggled with the forts and faced problems such as dark, damp, and cold. The forts took a lot of damage and gunfire during attacks and were completely decommissioned from military service after the war. In 1963 the forts were put up for sale, though not bought until the 1980s, and now in 2021 this is what remains of these forts – https://www.victorianforts.co.uk/pdf/datasheets/sthelens.pdf

DISCLAIMER – I do not force entry into any of the sites or locations I visit. We do not commit any crimes or involve with criminal activities e.g. (Graffiti, Breaking property, Steal,etc). Myself and my team simply film and take photos for entertainment purposes.

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